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About us


Dear New York,

After almost eight years, I feel that it’s time to make it public.

New York, I love you.

I love everything about you. I love your people, your diversity, your pace, your relentlessness, your nightlife, your grub, your constant element of surprise, and how you make me smile and fall in love with you all over again every single day.

Over the past eight years, you’ve given me incredible experiences and memories. Late nights out in Gowanus drinking shots by the canal, early mornings in Fort Wadsworth impatiently waiting for the NYC Marathon to kick off, Sunday morning breakfast sandwiches in Hunters Point, fun nights at Yankee Stadium in Concourse, and drinks galore at my favorite bar in Alphabet City.

New York, I will never get tired of exploring you. Your neighborhoods truly are wonderlands.

Launching nabohood is my humble way of saying thank you for being you, and a way for me to share my love for you with others. I know that we will never be exclusive, and that's okay. Instead, I hope that my designs will help others reconnect with their old and forgotten New York memories, and encourage people to go out explore, and make new ones.

/ Jakob